So I’ve decided to take the plunge into podcasting!  We all know how much I love trying new things, and I’ve always played with the idea of doing radio shows.  I figured it was time to do something about it!

Since cosplay has been my passion for many years, I started looking into podcasts on costuming and cosplay.  I found that there really weren’t too many available.  I believe it’s time to change that.

I want to become a resource for cosplayers.  I would like to offer everything from discussion of history to tutorials to anecdotes and anything else those who listen have in mind.

After trying to come up with a name, I asked a friend of mine and he suggested CosCast.  I am going with that.  So THANK YOU ZIPPY!

The introductory episode has already been recorded so once  I can figure out how to get it all online (figure out RSS, get it on here, get it on iTunes, etc) I will put it up!

If you have any thoughts about what I should put in future episodes, please let me know!