I know I haven’t gotten the newest podcast out yet.  It is in the works.  It’s not excuse, but the reason I am taking so long with it is that this is the first video podcast, so I am trying to figure out the technical aspect of it.  I’m hoping to get it out soon, though.

I am working on getting myself into shape.  I have started a Couch to 5K program and signed up for the Foam Fest in NY at the end of June.  I’m actually running!  Look at me go!  It’s kind of amazing considering it’s an exercise I had avoided throughout my entire athletic career in high school and college.  Now that it’s not necessary, I’m doing it.  Weird how things work that way.  I also need to do some strength training.  I’m hoping to start that next week.  (It was supposed to start this week, but things got in the way like SEEING IRON MAN 3 TWO DAYS BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED!  Yeah, I’m that baller.)

Ashitaka was finished in time for the Sakura Matsuri in DC.  I have some shots, but they still need to be edited.  There are actually a few updates that need to be made to the costuming section of the site.  For example, Bilbo and Hawkeye still have to be added.  I’m hoping to get some updates done next week.