Young Kakashi – Kakashi Gaiden

While I had always liked Kakashi, it wasn’t until the few chapters about his childhood was released that I desperately wanted to cosplay him.  This was also a version that you do not see very often, which heightened my desire to put it together.

It seems that since I have stopped watching and reading Naruto, they have animated these chapters.  When I put it together, they had not done so.  Nor was there a way to tell what color the knife sling was because we had officially colored images in both white and brown.  I opted for the white.  Although I have been out of this fandom for a long time, this is one costume I hope to one day redo.

The headband, mask, pants, shoes, waist pouches, and kunai holsters were all purchased.  The sleeves, armor, sheath, and knife were made by me, and the wig was cut and styled by me.

Debuted: Katsucon 2007